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The SARR committee met on 22 August to review the 2016 Rally at Thirlestane Castle at the end of May and to consider whether or not it would be feasible to organise a similar rally in 2017.

The Committee considered that overall, this year's rally was very successful. While the total of 65 entrants was certainly less than in previous years, 12 entrants, including several 'regulars' ventured up from England, and a total of 10 entrants were attending SARR for the first time. If you click on the links on this page to the Rally Report and photos of the 2016 Rally you will see that we had glorious weather and many fine vehicles on display, making for a very enjoyable day.

The Committee has made clear on this website and in Rally programmes over the last few years that it would not be possible to continue unless new, younger people volunteered to join the Committee to replace long serving members who have retired and are proposing to retire. No volunteers have come forward to fill key positions (including that of the post of chairman which has now also become vacant) and thus it was reluctantly concluded that as the Committee now has insufficient members to continue, it was effectively at an end. Consequently we have to announce that there will be no SARR in 2017.

Despite this unfortunate outcome, it is to the credit of organisers and entrants that the event is going out on the high note of the 2016 Rally in its 22nd year. We wish to thank Committee members past and present for their work in developing the SARR to the high quality event it had become. We also wish to thank all those Rover and Land Rover owners who have attended and supported the event over all these years.

Finally, a small number of former Committee members are considering some other type of Rover and Land Rover event in May 2017 which would require a minimum of organisation and, inevitably, not be on the same lines as a traditional SARR as we have known it. A decision on whether or not to proceed with such an event will be taken by the end of 2016. For information on that decision and in due course details of the event if it is to go ahead, contact Ian Headrick on 01383 880738.





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